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Hawaii HB 1902: Police Can Touch My What?

HAWAII: You shouldn’t write any legislation that would allow law enforcement to sexually assault or abuse vulnerable populations in any way and that’s what HB 1902 proposes to do in section 12(5). Legislation like this prevents sex trafficking victims and prostitutes from access to equal protection under the law and the due process protections of the justice system.

UNTANGLED described as beautiful & awe inspiring

A BELATED NOTE of THANKS to  SWOP BAY, and BROWN GIRL DANCING / IRIS for ALLYING with The ESPLER PROJECT & ESPU for the presentation of the contemporary dance performance and fundraiser: UNTANGLED SWOP BAY Home brown girl dancing present… UNTANGLED A cumulative creative project researched by Iris, and performed by her and accompanied dance crew. [...]

Free State Leading the Nation in Sexual Liberty? HB 1614

From left to right, Bella, Elizabeth Edwards, Rachel West + Phoebe Jones WHILE MUCH OF AMERICA is EXPLORING PUNITIVE ABOLITION, NEW HAMPSHIRE is  CHATTING CIVILIZED with INNOVATIVE DISCUSSION on  CONSENSUAL ADULT SEX WORK! image from  Cop Block dot org BACK STORY: New Hampshire (D) Representative Elizabeth Edwards has stepped up in support of [...]

What is: ESPLERP v Gascon?

Bella Explains: ESPLERP v Gascon Bella & M. Dante w/ Rosie the Riveter 2015 Penn StatBella Robinson on ESPLERP v. Gascon The Erotic Service Provider’s Legal & Educational Research Project  or The ESPLER Project (501C3) was founded in 2009 by Maxine Doogan with the mission of empowering the erotic community and advancing sexual privacy rights [...]

Welcome to Union Lip Service

  HI! I AM ESPU MEMBER M. DANTE` WELCOME TO THE UNION LIP SERVICE covering -  with love -  topics related to erotic labor, laws, & legislation   Currently, most of my writing, editing, collaborating,  and blog posting is related to advocacy, and the issues surrounding the sex work v sex trafficking debate. Why do [...]

What’s New

  Need to Support New Hampshire HB 1614   For Immediate Release-Labor Day Rally Info Sept. 5th 1pm Dear Amnesty International Register NOW Legal Self Defense Workshop Sept. 19, 2015 Please Help Us Demand MSNBC Remove This Show SIGN THE PETITION M. Dante, Sister and Sex Worker Sister Solidarity, newsletter for the UALE NE Summer [...]

Resurrect Our Rights Fundraiser: Day of the Dead Celebration

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