This is a public calendar for our community. Our community includes all types of workers, former workers & clients. This Unity Calendar is to show events, gatherings, film screenings, trainings and the like. To add events, email link to the event, link to location, address, (if open to the public), Time, cost and contact info; phone/email/twitter. If your event requires vetting your guests please include either email for phone #. noonprop35( AT) g mail (DOT) c o m

From the UK to the Bay Area
Sex Workers Win Justice and the Right to Work Safely
Friday, August 1, 2014
518 Valencia Street, San Francisco (16th Mission BART)
6:30pm Snacks, meet and greet Niki from London
7pm program starts
$5-10 donation, no one turned away

Resurrect Our Rights Fundraiser: Nov. 1st 2013 Day of the Dead Celebration

Hooker’s Ball- A Punk Rock Show April 14, 2012

Stop the War on the Massage

EVERYONE is invited to the 13th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair! ESPU will have a table.
March 22, 2008 (10am-6pm) March 23, 2008 (11am-5pm)
SF County Fair Building
Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Way Golden Gate Park

The Spring 2008 San Francisco Sex Information training is a unique class on human sexuality is only offered twice a year.

SFSI training covers essential topics in human sexuality, including:

* sex, science, and the history of sex research

* sex, gender, and orientation

* anatomy

* sexual function and dysfunction

* pregnancy/birth control/fertility

* HIV,STDs, and harm reduction

* BDSM, fetishes, and variations

* relationship styles and skill

If you are interested in more information, please visit our the web site at San Francisco Sex Information
or email us at [email protected].

Sex Workers Emerging Identities in Collective Organizing May 2007

Join the Live Blog hosted by SWOP EAST for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Monday December 17, 2007