Erotic Service Provider Union Membership

Fill out the form below, and please indicate in your reply whether you prefer to be contacted by phone, text, or email. Membership is confidential and anyone anywhere can join.

Please indicate if you are applying for membership as an erotic service provider/support staff or an auxiliary member.

An Erotic Service Provider is anyone who is compensated for his or her erotic services: prostitute, exotic dancer, phone sex operator, web cam performers, porn actors, dominatrix, submissive, and/or full body sensuous massage. ESP’s can be street-based workers, home based workers, agency workers, come from any country and be of any gender identity. As ESPU is about industrial organizing, include yourself if you are someone whose labor goes towards the support of someone else’s erotic service: janitors, door persons, drivers, security, phone receptionist, ad executives, photographer, camera crew person, distributor, production personal, and/or web support. As an ESPU member, I have the right and responsibility to vote on issues facing our union members.

An auxiliary member includes anyone who is a former worker, supporters, family, friends and clients. As an auxiliary member I support current Erotic Service Providers in being at the center of their of their own union. I agree that I will have a voice and an important role to play, but no vote in union affairs.

As a member of the Erotic Service Providers Union you will be on the forefront of

Demanding the complete decriminalization of our labor,
Take actions that empower erotic laborers to be self determined,
Political campaigns that lobby for legislation which upholds the rights of all erotic service providers and our support staff,
Organizing on a local, national and international level.
Negotiations for our wages and work conditions independently or collectively without suffering state sponsored violence, such as being arrested, exploited or ghettoized,
Campaigns to eliminate all forms of discrimination against our occupations and raise our status to first class citizenship.

Erotic Service Providers Union shall organize with organized labor, employing labor principles and strategies to form an industrial union for all erotic laborers so we can be in charge of our own destinies.

We will work to form coalitions locally, nationally and internationally with those who understand the interconnectedness of our struggle as part of all struggles for social and economic justice.

We shall promote professional and personal privacy so we aren’t forced to compromise ourselves in order to fight for our rights.

We shall demand and expect that governments, politicians, along with community and labor organizations take progressive stances, and put our organization at the center of any discussion about our industry.

We shall welcome Erotic Service Providers into our organization regardless of documentation status, country of origin, gender identity, legal employment status or lack thereof.

Or, send your payment via regular mail to:

2261 Market street # 548
San Francisco, CA. 94114

Please note, you must still send in your membership application but add your confirmation number that payment has been made.

Thank you for your support!

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