Union Lip Service-PHL: 2015 Year in Review

HI! I AM ESPU MEMBER M. DANTE` WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG: UNION LIP SERVICE (ULS) 2015 YEAR in REVIEW 2015 ESPU  East Coast Perspective 2015 leaves us with so many sex work / sex [...]

Welcome to Union Lip Service

  HI! I AM ESPU MEMBER M. DANTE` WELCOME TO THE UNION LIP SERVICE covering -  with love -  topics related to erotic labor, laws, & legislation   Currently, most of my writing, editing, collaborating, [...]

What’s New

  Need to Support New Hampshire HB 1614   For Immediate Release-Labor Day Rally Info Sept. 5th 1pm Dear Amnesty International Register NOW Legal Self Defense Workshop Sept. 19, 2015 Please Help Us Demand MSNBC [...]

Oppose AB 1082 and AB 1081.

This letter was co-signed by the Harvey Milk GBLT Democratic Club to oppose AB 1081 and AB 1082. March 3, 2009 Dear State Senator Mark Leno and State Assembly Members Tom Ammiano, Please stand with [...]

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