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M. Dante, Sister and Sex Worker Sister Solidarity, newsletter for the UALE NE Summer School for Union Women. July 18, 2015

Bella Robinson- Fighting for Our Sisters in the Erotic Community Sister Solidarity, newsletter for the UALE NE Summer School for Union Women. July 14, 2015

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for more info email ( info ) AT espu (dash) ca (dot) org

Don’t miss M Dante speaking at the Philadelphia SEXx Interactive on The Romance of Erotic Labor: Intimacy & Commercial Sexuality. Friday 08 May, 2015 Liberate to Emancipate! Historic Court Case REad More HERE and Donate Online HEREFlyer The Grim Sleeper In Honor Of World AIDS Day, please take the time to review Webinar, Rashida Richardson, Center for HIV Law and Policy, Ayako Miyashita, The Williams Institute, Marco Castro-Bojorquez, Lambda Legal, 2014 as we work together to end the criminalization of HIV in California On October 21, 2014 the Oakland City Council voted to expand an existing law that allows the city to evict private property tenants under the guise of being a “nuisance”. The ordinance permits city-led evictions of both residential and commercial tenants. Proposed by City Attorney Barbara Parker, will now allow anyone to be profiled as as sex workers to loose their housing; no one needs to be engaging in actual sex work on the property to be evicted; no one needs to be arrested or charged or anything; the city can conduct evictions without the landlord; this ordinance does not guarantee evicted tenants access to the evidence against them and raises serious due process concerns. Sign the Petition and send a message that discrimination isn’t acceptable Join the letter writing campaign here Eastbay Express Article about Oakland’s Threat to Sex Workers NEW ONLINE FREE CLASSIFIED ADS Managing Sex Work-Canadian Research Also contact i n f o ( AT ) espu-ca.org California State Legislation AB 336 to remove condoms as evidence in prostitution cases We support AB336 SB 782 – the Sexual Assault Victim Equity (SAVE) Act We oppose SB782 Dancers awarded 13 million dollars. In addition to the financial hit to the 16 companies that were sued, the clubs have agreed that within six months they will no longer treat dancers as independent contractors or lessees, but as employees, shareholders, partners or some type of owner. In California specifically, dancers will no longer be charged stage fees. WE ARE DANCERS We’re a group of current and former exotic dancers in New York City. We’re raising money. What you can do to help News Article about how laws violate dancers right to privacy World Charter For Prostitutes’ Rights I.C.P.R. World Charter For Prostitutes’ Rights International Committee for Prostitutes’ Rights (ICPR), Amsterdam 1985, Published in Pheterson, G (ed.), A Vindication of the Rights of Whores. Seattle: Seal Press, 1989. (p.40) Laws Decriminalize all aspects of adult prostitution resulting from individual decision. Decriminalize prostitution and regulate third parties according to standard business codes. It must be noted that existing standard business codes allow abuse of prostitutes. Therefore special clauses must be included to prevent the abuse and stigmatization of prostitutes (self-employed and others). Enforce criminal laws against fraud, coercion, violence, child sexual abuse, child labor, rape, racism everywhere and across national boundaries, whether or not in the context of prostitution. Eradicate laws that can be interpreted to deny freedom of association, or freedom to travel, to prostitutes within and between countries. Prostitutes have rights to a private life. Human Rights Guarantee prostitutes all human rights and civil liberties, including the freedom of speech, travel, immigration, work, marriage, and motherhood and the right to unemployment insurance, health insurance and housing. Grant asylum to anyone denied human rights on the basis of a “crime of status,” be it prostitution or homosexuality. Working Conditions There should be no law which implies systematic zoning of prostitution. Prostitutes should have the freedom to choose their place of work and residence. It is essential that prostitutes can provide their services under the conditions that are absolutely determined by themselves and no one else. There should be a committee to insure the protection of the rights of the prostitutes and to whom prostitutes can address their complaints. This committee must be comprised of prostitutes and other professionals like lawyers and supporters. There should be no law discriminating against prostitutes associating and working collectively in order to acquire a high degree of personal security. Health All women and men should be educated to periodical health screening for sexually transmitted diseases. Since health checks have historically been used to control and stigmatize prostitutes, and since adult prostitutes are generally even more aware of sexual health than others, mandatory checks for prostitutes are unacceptable unless they are mandatory for all sexually active people. Services Employment, counseling, legal, and housing services for runaway children should be funded in order to prevent child prostitution and to promote child well-being and opportunity. Prostitutes must have the same social benefits as all other citizens according to the different regulations in different countries. Shelters and services for working prostitutes and re-training programs for prostitutes wishing to leave the life should be funded. Taxes No special taxes should be levied on prostitutes or prostitute businesses. Prostitutes should pay regular taxes on the same basis as

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other independent contractors and employees, and should receive the same benefits. Public Opinion Support educational programs to change social attitudes which stigmatize and discriminate against prostitutes and ex-prostitutes of any race, gender or nationality. Develop educational programs which help the public to understand that the customer plays a crucial role in the prostitution phenomenon, this role being generally ignored. The customer, like the prostitute, should not, however, be criminalized or condemned on a moral basis. We are in solidarity with workers in the sex industry. Organization Organizations of prostitutes and ex-prostitutes should be supported to further implementation of the above charter.

of great loss at a time when our community is under another viscous attach. Veronica called Robyn while she was dropping me off at the train station on Monday after speaking to the Sacramento Bee editorial board for the No on Prop 35. Robyn couldn\’t talk but her care giver was able to rely to her Veronica and I were together doing the good work of which she was huge part and we wanted to share it with her. Robyn\’s legacy is forever immortalized in our community. In honor of her good work, take a moment to consider her contribution to raise our voices as valuable members of society. Our condolences to her family. Maxine Doogan, Erotic Service Providers Union

Join No On #prop35 Sex Educator Training Classes San Francisco Sex Information 2012 the Summer Institute For Labor Union Women 10 Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work-by Soros Landmark Report-Global Commission HIV and the Law UN Calls for Legalization of Prostitution A BENEFIT FOR THE EROTIC SERVICE PROVIDERS UNION PRESENTS… HOOKERS BALL Punk Rock Show of 2012 SPONSORED BY THE HARVEY MILK DEMOCRATIC CLUB FEATURING BANDS… MEATHOOK AND THE VITAL ORGANS (SAN FRANCISCO) GET SHOT! (SACRAMENTO) INFERNO OF JOY (SAN

FRANCISCO) THE CRUNCHEES (SACRAMENTO) PLUS THE DANCEFLOORJUNKIE DOLLS BURLESQUE SHOW FROM RENO!!!! ALSO BUY A RAFFLE TICKET TO WIN SEX TOYS donated by Mr. S Leather of San Francisco Vintage Porn mags and Fetish Fashion: Undressing the Corset WE ASK A $10/$50 DONATION FOR ADMITTANCE TO THE EVENT DOORS OPEN AT 9:00 PM AND ITS 21 & OVER W/ ID THE EROTIC SERVICE PROVIDERS UNION ANNOUNCES HOOKER BALL!!! Exciting Spring Fundraiser Punk Rock Show to Support our Legal Action Fund April 14, San Francisco, CA – The Erotic Service Providers Union (www.espu-ca.org), in conjunction with Margo St. James HOOKER’S BALL, is proud to announce a special benefit that will support our legal action to expand sexual freedom rights by our continuing to challenge the anti prostitution laws. The Erotic Service Providers Union seeks to gain agency on behalf of all erotic service providers regarding their occupational, health, safety, social, civil, and economic rights. The ESPU’s and Hooker’s Ball Punk Show takes place Saturday, April 14th, 2012 , from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., at Thee Parkside, 1600 17th Street, located at the corner 17th and Wisconsin street in San Francisco, CA. Tel: 415-252-1330. Admission: $10-$50 Sliding. For directions, please visit: Thee Parkside Join this event on facebook ESPU Salutes and Congratulates Canadian Sex Workers on the March 28, 2012 Appeals Court Ruling And victory in Louisiananew law does not eliminate the “Crime Against Nature” SlutWalk comes to the San Francisco Bay Area August 4, 2012 Come Join US Sign the Petition to Demand the Department of Justice Do Its Job Updated list of San Francisco Hotels still on the Boycott list Grand Hyatt Hotel, Union Square Hyatt Regency Hotel, Embarcadero Hyatt Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf HEI Le Meridien Hotel, Financial District Hotel Frank, Downtown International Sex Workers Rights Day Celebrated Feb. 23, 2011-San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee passes Resolution to Demand Congress Remove the Anti Prostitution Pledge from the Global AIDS Act. Feb. 14, 2011-San Francisco Labor Council Resolution to Demand Congress Amend Current U.S. Policy and Practice on HIV Funding: Therefore, be it resolved, the San Francisco Labor Council shall send letters to our elected officials – House Representative Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Diane Feinstein – to advocate for removal of the Anti-Prostitution Pledge from the Global AIDS Act and to bring this matter to the attention of our President. And further, be it resolved, this letter shall request that, as Congress continues to review renewal legislation for the Global AIDS Act, our representatives promote legislation aimed at saving the greatest number of lives and protecting the most people, and promote the Sonagachi Model.* *Peer to Peer education Groups Challenge Disparate Punishment Under Louisiana’s Crime Against Nature Law. People Convicted Under Archaic Statute Forced to Register as Sex Offenders for 15 Years to Life Another Ruling for Canada: Vancouver Sex workers win right to challenge Canada’s prostitution laws Congratulations Canada. Onterio Superior Court strikes down 3 federal prostitution laws Read the decision Here United Nation’s Universal Periodic Review 2010 ushr_Final_for_print Former New Zealand Parliamentarian, Tim Barnett explains how they decriminalized in that country. July 2010 A must watch Erotic Service Providers Union Salutes the Foxhole Dancers for standing up for their rights to not be intimidated out of work! This is an ongoing protest-every Sunday Read about it here The Fox Hole is located at 32260 U.S. 36, Walhonding, OH and the protest is at the actual congregation that has been harassing the workers. New Beginnings Church of God 305 Church Street, Warsaw, OH 43844 (740) 824-4878 Call the church to let the know they need to stop harassing workers. A Must See The Brothel Project THE BROTHEL PROJECT follows these two dynamic women-on-a-mission and their foray into the world of modern day prostitution in the tea and crumpets city of Victoria. It isn’t

long before they are approached by two other women – booking agent Harvi and independent escort Mia – who also claim to have the same vision. Read it on Global News: Brothel Project – airs June 9, 2010 Canada’s 1st Adult Entertainment Awards honours sex industry stars Celebrate the Sex Industry on 6.9.Venue: Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver. Doors open at 7 pm. Advance tickets: Via PayPal Day-of tickets: Available at 3pm at box office. Contact: Annie Temple • 604-351-6301 • annie@nakedtruth.ca Formerly Known As: Art and performance by male sex workers Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 7pm Rainbow Room, LGBT Center 1800 Market St. at Octavia $10-20 sliding scale For centuries, erotic pioneers and outlaws have made art. Without sex worker artists, San Francisco would be boring. This is a variety show featuring a dozen male sex workers. Expect stories, performances, music, videos and photography by men who are current or former sex workers. Last year’s event sold out both nights, so we’re in a larger venue for one night only as part of the National Queer Arts Festival. curated by Kirk Read, featuring performances by Suppositori Spelling, Inbred Hybrid Collective, Adela Vazquez, Jesse Hewit, Christraper Sings, George Birimisa, Cyd Nova, Kirk Read, Ben McCoy, Jaime Cortez, horehound stillpoint, a slideshow of visual artists and more! Event website: Contact: Kirk Read, 415-722-0828, kirkread@earthlink.net Adult film industry launches anti-piracy campaign http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/05/Adult Film Industry Launches Antipiracy Campaign Adult film industry launches anti-piracy campaign May 5, 2010 | 4:55 pm Would you steal from Ron Jeremy? That’s the question LAist poses in its blog post “Your Arousal Doesn’t Come for Free.” Blogger Zach Behrens reports that the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s advocacy group, has launched a new campaign and a series of all-star public service announcements urging people to pay for their porn — and not download it for free. The videos feature Jeremy, Alektra Blue, Kaylani Lei and a host of other adult film stars. “We work hard to entertain you and arouse you,” says one performer. “So please show your support by buying our products.” Sign Up Now for 2010 Union Women’s Summer Schools ACTION ITEM-New York State Assembly Bill to amend the civil practice law and criminal procedure law, in relation to the use of possession of condoms in evidence Support San Francisco Hotel Workers Local 2 Strike-If your clients want service at a San Francisco Hotel , tell them you can’t cross the picket line and they can find another hotel Here International Checkin and Community Building by and for Sex Industry Workers on BlogTalk Internet Radio January 31, 2010 Watch Video forum on Sex Workers, Clients and the Law. November 23, 2009 hosted by Canadian FIRST: Feminists Advocating for Rights and Equality for Sex Industry Workers November 23, 2009 Forum Sex Professionals of Canada Make historic Legal Challenge to anti prostitution laws Move to legalise prostitution welcomed New Delhi Releasing of the report-Trade Union Protections for Sex Workerspdf By Com. Ashim Roy (General Secretary, New Trade Union Initiative) On 9th September 2009, Wednesday, at 4PM At Ashirwad, 30 St. Marks Road, Opposite State Bank of India, Bangalore Trade Union Leaders, Human Rights Activists and Sexworker Leaders will address the meeting after the report release. This report, Trade Union Protections for Sex Workers, shares insights from a meeting held from January 30 to February 1, 2009, in Belém, Brazil, in conjunction with the World Social Forum. The meeting brought together trade unions, sex workers, and other activists who believe that workers in the sex sector deserve basic labour rights, including the right to organize and bargain collectively, to be free of discrimination and to be free from forced labor. The participants came from Bolivia, Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, the United States. Karnataka Sex Workers Union Read More Here Turkey’s sex workers seek to establish a union June 25 2009 Con Stellation Magazine May 2009

Oppose AB 1082 and AB 1081.

This letter was co-signed by the Harvey Milk GBLT Democratic Club to oppose AB 1081 and AB 1082. March 3, 2009 Dear State Senator Mark Leno and State Assembly Members Tom Ammiano, Please stand with us and oppose AB 1082 and AB 1081. AB 1082 and AB 1081 proposes taxing adult material by levy a tax on “the gross receipts of any retailer from the

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sale of all tangible personal property that is harmful matter sold at retail in this state.” That would include “any book, magazine, newspaper, video recording, or other printed or written material or any picture, drawing, photograph, motion picture, or other pictorial representation or any statue or other figure, or any recording, transcription, or mechanical, chemical, or electrical reproduction or any other articles, equipment, machines, or materials,” including “live or recorded telephone messages” – that could legally be sold to an adult but not to a minor. This legislator wants use this tax to fund electronic surveillance for those convicted of domestic violence and stalking even though there’s never been a validated scientific study indicating that looking at porn causes or in any way contributes to domestic violence. This proposal is meant to curry favor with the state’s religious conservatives, who last banded together to stop marriage equality in California. WE oppose this bad bill on the basis that 1) “Harmful matter ” is one of

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those unconstitutionally vague terms used by irresponsible legislators. 2) Any such tax would be struck down by a court of

law since it would be a tax based on the content of the material being taxed, and the U.S. Supreme Court

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has deemed such taxes to be unconstitutional. 3) No scientific study has indicated that porn neither causes nor contributes in anyway to domestic violence. Sincerely, Maxine Doogan Erotic Service Providers Union

Resurrect Our Rights Fundraiser: Day of the Dead Celebration

Fireside Lounge located

at 1453 Webster St Alameda California EVENT DETAILS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1ST 2013 • Stripper Burlesque Performers • Door at 8pm Show at 9pm to Midnight • Fireside Lounge located at 1453 Webster St Alameda • Pre Pay $15 for Singles & $25 for Couples • $20 for Singles & $35 at the door • Snacks provided by Procrastinator • Open to the public • No Host Bar • Bring extra to tip the dancers! • Table Dances Watch the Vidoe


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Get Involved

From the UK to the Bay Area, Speaker Niki A. Sex Workers Win Justice and the Right to Work Safely Friday, August 1, 2014 518 Valencia Street, San Francisco (16th Mission BART) 6:30pm Snacks,

meet and greet Niki from London 7pm program starts $5-10 donation, no one turned away The Electronic Frontier Foundation Tells Us How to Protect Ourselves on the Net. In light of recent events we highly recommend that everyone donate to the court case to help put a stop to so many lives being put at risk Oppose criminalizing our customers! Oppose SB 1388. Standing by for more information on the next hearing, MORE INFO HERE Help Oppose AB 1576 California. Next hearing will be in the California Senate Labor and Industrial Relations On June 25, 2014 Sunday January 26th, 2014 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 1060 Folsom Street San Francisco, California. Between 6th and 7th. $12~ $22 at the door Sex Workers Unite author Dr. Melinda Chateauvert keynote speaker for Sex Worker Fundraise Sex Workers Unite, A History of the Movement from Stonewall to SlutWalk with author Melinda Chateauvert who will be the featured guest speaker for the Litigate to Emancipate Fundraiser for the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project. According to Chateauvert, despite the acceptance of “sluts,” the “prostitute” remains a deeply embedded symbolic marker between decency and disrespect…money changes everything. The event is open to the public. Chateauvert shows off her extensive knowledge as historian and activist in her new book, Sex Workers Unite! A History of the Movement from Stonewall to SlutWalk, (Beacon Press, January, 2014) where she recasts sex workers – of all genders, persuasions and occupations – as key activists in struggles for gay liberation, women’s rights, reproductive justice, union organizing and prison abolition, and holds that sex worker rights are ultimately human rights (www.sexworkersunite.com). Her past works include Marching Together and have appeared in a variety of publications, including Sex Work: Writing about Women in the Sex Industry (Cleis Press, 1986, 1997); the Journal of African American History; the Journal of Women’s History; $pread Magazine; and Labor History. Dr. Chateauvert is currently a fellow at the Center for African Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She sits on the board of the Leather Archives and Museum and participates in the Positive Justice Project to decriminalize HIV+ status. Money raised will support the Litigate for Emancipate Legal Fund. ESPERLP is a sex worker-lead nonprofit and is committed to empowering the erotic community and advancing sexual privacy rights through legal advocacy, education, and research. Thanks for Signing the Petition to Support the Removal of Regulation 649.56 For Release On Thursday December 12, 2013 Contact: Maxine Doogan, Erotic Service Providers Union 415-265-3302 & Rachel West, US PROStitutes Collective 415-640-4250 Sex Workers Groups Celebrate Victory in Sacramento Sex worker groups are celebrating the historic vote at the California Victims Compensation Board today to eliminate Regulation 649.56 “Involvement in the Qualifying Crime of Prostitution.” Rachel West of US PROStitutes Collective said, “ Our statewide campaign has garnered broad based support including the ACLU. We are thrilled that Board recognized the public sentiment that this regulation has no place in the Victims Compensation Program.” The victim whose claim that was denied by the Victims Compensation Program which ignited the call to remove the discriminatory regulation said, “This campaign brought together other victims like me. For decades we have been alone in our struggle to gain recognition that sex workers can be raped and should have access to the public fund.” Today’s meeting was well attended including members of the press. The 3 person Victims Compensation Board heard deeply moving testify about how victims have suffered. Chairwoman Marybel Batjer stated that

she “found the testimony compelling and the regulation repugnant”. Board Member Ramos recognized that “we want to send a message that this Board is not going to stand for this.” Board members’ unanimous vote was met with applause. Maxine Doogan of the Erotic Service Providers Union said “ this vote sets a important new president that sex workers will now be recognized as having some access to equal protection under the law.” ###

Justice for sex workers is justice for all
TAKE ACTION Please help us remove California Regulation 649.56 Labornotes Conference in Chicago! April 2014 Calling all Erotic Service Providers! Road Trip! Resurrect Our Rights Fundraiser: Day of the Dead Celebration Friday November 1st Sex Workers Rights Approach to Human Trafficking July 24th 2013 July 24 (Wednesday) 6:00 – 8:45 PM PM (Free) Presidio Library – 3150 Sacramento St., SF Workers Labor Rights Approach to Human Trafficking It is essential to understand the labor rights approach to prostitution in addressing human trafficking, as the only way law enforcement identifies victims is to conduct costly multi lateral anti prostitution sting operation. This workshop will employ a true/false worksheet for participants to gage their knowledge against actual facts presented. Topics covered: the political history of the trafficking discourse, the ever-changing definitions and who benefits. The Trafficking Projection Act Report, a tool of sexual and migration oppression on behalf of global capitalist interests. Presented by Erotic Service Providers Union Red Umbrella Memoir Writing Things they say to sex workers-the video Trainings-Sex Educator Training Classes by San Francisco Sex Information Sign Up NOW No ON Prop 35 9am Oct 19th, 2012 Oakland Marriott Convention Center-Be there! Proponents of Prop 35 is the bait and switch that says it wants to help trafficked victims

but really its about the proponets profiting off the criminalization of our labor and that is wrong! We know that what prop 35 calls trafficking is really an exploitative work condition of which only equal protection is the win-win solutions not contained in Prop 35. With a title like “Human Trafficking. Penalties. Sex Offender Registration. Initiative Statues,” proponents are betting it will pass without due deliberation by the electorate Vote No On 35 For specific contact for No On 35 noonprop35 (at) gmail.com Join Facebook group-Oppose Prop 35 Twitter @OpposeProp35 skype noonprop35

Prop K to Decriminalize Prostitution in San Francisco

Offical Home Page for yes on K propk.jpgpropk.jpgpropk.jpg “Worker Safety is Public Safety”. Myths and Facts about the First Offender Prostitution Program.pdf Perth sex workers cop raw end of the deal: survey Ottawa Citizen seek Sex workers decriminalization pledge Canada says: Decriminalize Sex Work First Cambodia has recently passed an anti-trafficking law which equates all sex work with trafficking and has led to massive closures of brothels and widespread human rights abuses against sex workers. Sex workers have been forcibly detained in rehabilitation centres where they have been raped and robbed by police and guards. 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About Erotic Service Providers Union

The Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU) seeks to gain agency on by and for all erotic

service providers regarding our occupational, social, and economic rights through affiliating with organized labor. An Erotic Service Provider is anyone who is compensated for his or her erotic services or compensated for their support of someone else’s erotic service. By associating with organized labor which is

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already aware of our common labor rights, we can access support for our rights to negotiate for our labor and work conditions. On this web site you’ll find information and resources to

help educate and better inform erotic service providers about the benefits of organizing, how to get organized, and how to wield the power of collective bargaining. For more information, email info@espu-ca.org ESPU Membership Page

Who is an Erotic Service Provider?

And Erotic Service Provider is anyone who earns a living from their erotic labor and our support

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Legal Self Defense Workshop

Sunday Oct. 21, 2007 It’s time for another Legal Self Defense

Workshop by noted criminal defense attorney Katya Komisaruk. Katya,

a graduate of Harvard Law School, specializes in representing sex workers and is the author of Register Now