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Get Involved Need to Support New Hampshire HB 1614 […]

Media Whore Training April 2016

Hawaii HB 1902: Police Can Touch My What?

NEW in the NEWS: Hawaii HB 1902 ESPU: OpposingHawaiiHB1902 March 6, 2016 Re: Opposing HB 1902 Dear Hawaii State Legislators, We are writing to you to let you know of our opposition to HB 1902 because it [...]

NH HB 1614 Tabled tho Telling

Update on: NH HB 1614  TABLED tho TELLING: Vote shy by just seven (7) votes! Industry advocates from left to right, Bella, Elizabeth Edwards, Rachel West + Caitlin Edwards: Good work, ladies. We salute [...]

(Prostitutes) In Prison: Tracy Elise

(PROSTITUTES) IN PRISON Subject: Update on Temple Goddess Tracy Elise Alicia M Clark, The Republic | March 1, 2016  The long-running case of Tracy Elise, leader of the Phoenix Goddess Temple, appears to be [...]