Regina Polk Labor School For Women 2016

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The Regina V. Polk Women’s Labor Leadership Conference is a multi-day participatory conference that creates an open and invigorating space for rank and file women union activists and community leaders to learn from skilled instructors and one another.

Let’s Get Creative!: Grievance Handling and Contract Enforcement


United Association For Labor Educators 2016 List

(NEW)-The 2016 Western Summer Institute on Union Women will take place Aug. 9–13 at UCLA, Los Angeles. Download the Save-the-Date flyer here: SIUW 2016 Western

The 2016 Midwest School for Women Workers will be held from Sunday July 24 through Thursday July 28, 2016 at Indiana University New Albany Campus

“The Struggle is Real” The 2016 NE Summer Schooll for Women in Unions and Worker Organizations will take place Sat. July 30 – Wed. Aug. 3 at the Labor Education Center, Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ.

The 2016 Southern School for Working Women will be held from Wednesday, July 27 – Saturday, July 30  at the Center for Labor Research and Studies, Florida International University, Miami FL.

The 2016 West Coast Summer Institute For Union Women School Will be held at University of California Los Angles Labor Center-DTA