San Francisco Police Chief Healther Fong has recommended that 7 police officers ought to be fired for thier role in creating the videos that depicted police officers’ behaving in an unbecoming manner in uniform. Several others are slated to recieve lesser punishments such as suspension.

The Police commission meetings are on Wednesdays at 5:30.

One of the video clips created for the Bayview Christmas party portrayed two San Francisco Officers in uniform sitting inside their police car looking at massage parlor ads in the newspaper. The next scene shows those same officers going up to the door of the massage parlor.

In real life, the police department targets massage parlor workers and management in numerous sting operations, which result in the loss of economic independence for those workers and deportation for some. The fact that some police officers utilize these same targeted businesses as a means of entertainment for its ranks, demonstrates a lack of respect for massage parlor workers’ human dignity, freedom of choice, and labor rights

What would have been entertaining would be if the police officers had gone to the massage parlor to offer their assistance to help workers gain access to their right to negotiate for their wages and work conditions like the police officers have.

Section 3 in the petition titled Non Enforcement of the Prostitution Laws and Protection for Sex Workers would require the San Francisco Police Department to not use public resources to deprive another group of workers of their right to negotiate for fair wages and work conditions, regardless of their work status.

The City of San Francisco should not allocate any resources for the investigation and prosecution for prostitution.

Further Fong states that:

San Francisco’s law enforcement agencies shall not apply, nor receive federal and state monies that institute racial profiling as a means of targeting alleged trafficked victims under the guise of enforcing the abatement of prostitution laws.

The San Francisco Police Department and the Office of the District Attorney shall be required to practice full disclosure in the investigation and prosecution of charges of rape, extortion, sexual assault, and battery against sex workers, exotic dancers or erotic service providers.

I suggest this commission employ progressive discipline in this situation. The commission ought to endorse the petition of Non Enforcement of the Prostitution Laws and Protection of Sex Workers.

I also recommend that the San Francisco police officers and their union allocate resources to help erotic service providers participate in next years summer union for women by hosting a fundraiser for us.