FOPP Overview.pdf

Methodological Critique of an evaluation of the San Francisco First Offender Prostitution Program

Facts and Myths about the First Offender Prostitution Program.pdf

Director of SAGE Project Inc. bars funding for prostitutes programs amicus_v_soros.pdf

Blogtalkradio on the First Offender Program

Blogtalkradio Samantha Majia on the First Offeneder Prostitution Program

San Francisco Baord of Supervisors Order Audit of FOPP

San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Found in violation of the Sunshine ordinace for not turning over reports on the FOPP.pdf

Watch the Video of the DA in the Sunshine Ordinance

MOU-Between-San Francisco District Attorney and San Francisco Police Department.pdf

MOU-of-overtime-cost 2007.pdf

San Francisco District Attorney-Contract-SAGE-2006.pdf

First Offender Prostitution Program-Description.pdf

First Offender Prostitution-Revenue-And-Expenses-for year 2003-04.pdf


Total First Offender Prostitution Program Participants.pdf

San Francisco Board of Supervisor Resolution on Fees.pdf

San Francisco District Attorney-SAGE Statement-of-work-200-5.pdf

San Francisco District Attorney’s Human Trafficking Law Goes Unused-112706sf-daily-new.pdf

How the FOPP came into being. Policing The Vice Squade.pdf