In December 2005, I was set up in a sting operation conducted by the Fremont Police Department and arrested for prostitution. It makes me angry that they count on sex workers and their clients being ashamed and embarrassed, and I decided to fight the charge rather than rolling over and quietly accepting the bullshit plea bargain “deal” they offered me to make it go away. Unfortunately the system is designed to chew you up and spit you out unless you have a lawyer, and the public defenders in Fremont don’t give off the greatest customer service vibes. I was lucky enough to find a legal angel who was willing to defend me for less than many would ask, but my legal costs through trial (now scheduled for Sept. 24 after a year and a half of various court delays) will still be about $5000. So I’m putting on a little party to hopefully defray part of that bill.

WHAT: Starchild Legal Defense Fundraiser Party
WHEN: Sunday August 26, 7pm until ???
WHERE: The Power Exchange, 74 Otis Street at Gough, just south of Market (see for Mapquest location)

It’s contribute-what-you-can, $9 to $99 sliding scale. Please come out and show solidarity with your local sex workers and encourage more people to stand up against unjust laws that criminalize sexual acts among consenting adults, and enjoy a fun Power Exchange party where you can:

• See the video of the story that aired on the local news (yes, there was a TV camera “reporter” tagging along with the cops who arrested me, just like on those dumb “cops” shows)!

• Hear my lawyer give free legal advice about what to do and expect if you’re arrested, advice for criminal defendants, etc., and ask her your own questions!

• Watch me and other strippers shamelessly shake our asses and grind our hot bods against big hard metal poles!

• Nibble at hors d’houvres and munchies!

• Laugh at the peerless Jon Sugar, a big fat broken-down gay comedian who hates his mother and looks kinda like Drew Carey, but edgier and with a fouler mouth and better DJ skills!

• Learn about sexual breathing techniques with Astarte, an educator who recently gave a class at Good Vibrations!

• Witness something very hot (literally!) as impresario Stefanos lights someone on fire (volunteer and it could be you! be sure to wear your flame-proof underwear…)!

• Meet & greet Power Exchange owner and San Francisco mayoral candidate Mike Powers!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, and I hope to see you Sunday night.

Power to the People!
((( starchild )))
(aka Chris Fox)