Sex Workers’ Rights Approaches to
Human Trafficking:

Addressing the Need for Public Policy Reform and Challenging Misinformation
Thursday, May 3, 2007 5- 8 PM
UC Berkeley Labor Center 2521 Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-5555
(510) 642-0323
UC Berkeley Labor Center

Panel speakers:
• Maxine Doogan. Erotic Service Providers Union
• Carol Leigh, Bayswan
• Melissa Gira, St. James Infirmary
• Prof. Jennifer Chaćon, UC Davis School of Law
• Prof. Grace Chang, UC Santa Barbara author of Disposable Domestics
• Kathleen Kim, Stanford University Immigrants Rights Center
• Fu Yu, Nursing Student, masseuse and raid survivor
• Jill Brennermen, SWOP East

“In light of the ICE raids on immigrant communities and the discussion about immigration reform, I believe it is in our best interest to platform a frank discussion about prostitution and immigration from a labor, human, and civil rights perspective as a means to bring awareness to how the criminalization of immigration and prostitution laws are being conflated and used as a means to practice institutionalized xenophobia and sexism with a particular focus towards a shame-based, sex-negative stereotyping.”
-Maxine Doogan, Erotic Service Providers Union

Sponsored by UC Berkeley Labor Center
Endorsed by Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU), Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network (BAYSWAN), Sex Workers Across Borders (SWAB)

For more information about this event contact: Maxine Doogan 415-265-3302